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East Africa

Bibi Titi- Tanzania’s Freedom Struggle Heroine


Bibi Titi Mohammed was a fearless freedom fighter from Tanzania who stood tall in the country’s fight for independence.

Born in 1926 in Dar es Salaam, Bibi Titi faced early challenges in accessing education. Married off at 14 to an older man, her education paused, but her spirit never wavered.

In the early years of Tanzania, after Tanganyika and Zanzibar united, Bibi Titi Mohamed rose through the ranks to hold ministerial positions under President Julius Nyerere. However, a disagreement with Nyerere led to her being sidelined in history. Arrested in 1969 for allegedly plotting against the government, she faced a lengthy trial and was sentenced to life.

After her release from prison in 1972, Bibi Titi chose a quieter life in South Africa until her passing in 2000. Though her contributions were sometimes overlooked, her legacy as a trailblazing freedom fighter remains, reaching beyond Tanzania to neighbouring Kenya.

Bibi Titi Mohammed, with limited formal education but boundless courage, left an indelible mark on Tanzanian history, reminding us of the vital role women played in shaping the nation.

In 1991, a party publication marking 30 years of independence hailed Bibi Titi as a “freedom struggle heroine.” Now, a prominent street in Dar es Salaam is named after her, and she’s fondly remembered by Tanzanians as the “Mother of the Nation.”

Watch Bibi Titi’s inspiring story on Shangazi Power here:

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