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East Africa

CCM Politician calls on Twitter shutdown in Tanzania


The Union of Youth for Chama Cha Mapinduzi (UVCCM) has called on the Government through the Ministry of Information, Communications, and Information Technology to shut down X (Twitter) over claims of promoting explicit sexual content on its platform.

In a press briefing on Tuesday 11th June 2024, The UVCCM chairperson Mohamed Kawaida claimed that Twitter promotes pornographic materials in its space which is against Tanzania’s traditions and customs.

‘’We recently received shocking information from X. First, X is associated with Porn Videos. This means, whoever changed the name Twitter to X was psychologically preparing us for this explicit content.’’ Said Mr. Kawaida.

 According to Kawaida, a bigger chunk of X users in Tanzania are Youths and there is a need to protect them from such online sexual exposure.

 ‘’This platform (X) erodes the morals of our youths. I therefore call on our leaders (MPs) to act swiftly by censuring such content. In particular, I humbly request the responsible government ministry (Ministry of ICT) to ensure it shuts down the platform for its continued sharing of sexual content. For me, twitter’s time in Tanzania is up.’’ He added.

However, the UVCCM chairperson said they have no issue with the X platform if it removes or properly censures features that allow uploading of sexual content.

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