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DCI Discloses Faces of Anti-Finance Bill Looters


Anti-Finance Bill protesters took to the streets on June 25, 2024, across the country to peacefully exercise their right to protest. But while some were genuinely protesting in relation to the theme agenda of the protest, some took advantage and invaded government and private properties. Some members of parliament who voted in favor of the Finance Bill 2024 were among those whose properties faced the wrath of the angry protesters.

Through videos that were shared online, the suspects were seen looting in boutiques, electronic shops, and supermarkets, looting items from shelves and drawers.

It was also discovered that most of the suspects wore capes and were wearing masks to protect themselves from being easily identified.

Following all those incidents, Kenya’s investigative agency has released pictures of individuals who are suspects of unlawful activities invading people’s properties during the anti-government protests.

While releasing their faces to the public on Wednesday, DCI asked Kenyans to channel information about their whereabouts to their hotline numbers.

“The Individuals whose images/photos appear below are wanted by the police for their unlawful activities during the anti-finance bill 2024 demonstrations. We therefore advise them to report to the nearest police station for further police action. Information on the whereabouts of any of the suspects may be channeled confidentially to the anonymous,” said the DCI.

Up to now, only one individual who was captured invading Bondo Police Station while armed with crude weapons, including stones and catapults, slings, petrol bombs, and other concealed weapons, has been arrested.

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