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Judy Muthoni’s Personal Journey Through Kenya’s Second Liberation


Judy Muthoni Kamau is an activist from Kenya and a proud mother of four. She has been involved in the struggle for the Second Liberation and has been an activist since her early years.

Muthoni, who comes from a rural secondary school where English was tainted with local languages, met with a group of girls from Nairobi and together they joined a group called K.C A Kikuyu Central Association, which they met every week and donated one shilling to each other.

Muthoni has been an activist for the last three decades, and she has faced some scars but remains determined to continue her activism.

She has never held a government job or employment, except for two years with the Citizens Coalition for constitutional change. She has done voluntary work and consultancy to keep herself going.

Muthoni’s conscious activism was inspired by literature, particularly the work of Ngugi wa Thiong’o. She received an award from Google for composing and presenting poetry at the provincial level. She once served as the lead soloist in drama performances and recitations of poems, and she still cherishes photographs of herself singing traditional songs.

In this episode of Shangazi Power, Judy Muthoni shares her personal challenges and triumphs during Kenya’s Second Liberation.

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