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Nicah the queen teaches women how to take care of their men

Ladies, take care of your men or they will go out there…

Keyboard warriors have gone wild after Nicah the Queen posted a video scrabbing her lover DJ Slahver’s legs, on her Instagram page. In the video, she is down on her feet washing his legs with so much passion. She accompanied the video with the caption:

“Mwanamke penda hadi Wakome Dah!! Slahver baba eeeh wafaidi. #jesusgurl #thequeenfromtheeast

Nicah can be heard in the video, advising women to take care of their men so that they don’t cheat. She also shared another one shaving her man’s head, asking women to learn these things so that their men can feel how DJ Slahver is feeling.

I barbed his hair as well!! Wamama tujifunzeni hizi vitu! Slahver unafaidii #jesusgurl #thequeenfromtheeast

Many believe that it was a stunt pulled now that the sacred valentine season is here and people are doing anything for love, gifts and affection.

This is however not the first time a video of Nicah has gone viral. Last year, a video of her inviting people to her church, Christ Embassy Nairobi made rounds on social media which brought the Church under fire as it was accused of using Nicah’s curvy figure and good looks to advertise itself. A picture also made rounds of her and fellow artist Weezdom getting cozy, raising questions on the morality of the gospel industry in Kenya.

Nicah is a renowned gospel artist who was in the past married to comedian Dr. Ofweneke with whom they have two daughters. They had a very public break up in which she accused him of abuse and negligence, accusations that the comedian has strongly refuted. The Ushuhuda singer has been dating DJ Slahver for over a year now and she seems to be happy.

She is not the only celebrity that has been doing the most in this season. Boss Lady Zari Hassan sent tongues wagging when a video was posted of her serving King Bae on her knees.  Love is surely in the air; can you feel it? It’s the season to be in love people, umewakilisha ama umewakilishwa?

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