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Tanzanian government bans boarding for young children

Commissioner for Education Dr. Lyabwene Mtahabwa

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has asked all schools that provide boarding services for grades one to four to stop the service by the end of the first term in 2023.

The directive was issued by the Education Commissioner of the ministry, Dr. Lyabwene Mtahabwa to education stakeholders in the country, saying that the implementation should start in March this year.

He said that it is prohibited to provide boarding services to students of primary education and first grade except with a special permit that will be given by the Commissioner of Education after receiving an application from the relevant stakeholder.

Dr. Mtahabwa has said that the directive is part of the implementation of the guidelines for the initiation of school registration issued by the ministry in November 2020.

He said on the other hand, the child’s upbringing and development is highly dependent on the great contribution made by the family through the parents/caregivers of the children.

“However, it has been found that there are some schools that have been receiving young students from the first grade to the fourth grade,” he said.

He said boarding services for young students, including those in pre-primary education and grades one to four, deprives children of the opportunity to bond with their families and communities, build values ​​and participate in various activities for the development of their families and communities.

In terms of camps, Dr. Mtahabwa has said that it is not allowed for any school to have academic camps.

He said that the directive is the implementation of Education Circular number 3 of 2007 regarding the banning of study camps in primary schools.

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