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Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz is accused of living a “fake lifestyle”

Diamond Platnumz – Tanzanian Singer

Drama is brewing within Tanzania’s Music Industry following some remarks from popular singer Diamond Platnumz’s former manager, Ostaz Juma Na Musoma, who is well-known for his expertise in grooming music artists into superstars.

Ostaz Juma Na Musoma – Diamond’s Former Manager

During a recent interview with Simulizi Na Sauti, a Tanzanian outlet, Musoma accused Diamond of ‘faking’ his riches. The music artists manager who doubles up as a music producer, went ahead to reveal that he was well conversant with what he referred to as the ‘faking’ game.

“We used to fake our performance fees. We would give a higher figure but take whatever the client offers and this is what most artists do to date, including Diamond.” saidOstaz Juma Na Musoma.

“They (artists) should stop it. They fake very many things,” he claimed, while also confessing he was part of the game in the past.

Musoma went ahead to also urge music artists to live a normal life so as not to put unnecessary pressure on themselves, adding that Diamond was allegedly among such artists whom he claimed lived a ‘lie’.

 “He (Diamond) is living a lie and everyone believes it. That is how the industry is nowadays. It is part of the route to get to the top. I advise them to stop that and be real.” said Ostaz Juma Na Musoma

Diamond, whose real name is Juma Naseeb, has curved a reputation over time as one of the most popular musicians in East Africa. In the recent past, his social media handles have been awash with images of palatial homes and expansive cars that he reportedly owns. The 31-year old musician has also often shared images of himself flying aboard private planes.

An award-winning singer, Diamond in May this year reacted to a Forbes list of richest African Musicians calling it a “Stupid List”. Forbes Magazine ranked him at number 20, with an estimated worth of $5.1 million. Diamond was enraged by the list saying Forbes needed do its homework, implying that he was worth more than what had been estimated.

In the list, Senegalese singer, Youssou N’Dour was ranked No.1, with an estimated worth of $145M, followed by his counterpart Akon ($80M) and South African DJ, Black Coffee ( $60M).

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