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TikTok expands max video length to 10 minutes, up from 3 minutes


TikTok is starting to roll out the ability for users to upload videos up to 10 minutes in length, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. The official launch comes as Tiktok has been testing the change over the past several months. Previously, TikTok videos could be up to 3 minutes in length following a change in July 2021. Before that, the limit was 60 seconds after initially expanding from 15 seconds.

“We’re always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience. Last year, we introduced longer videos, giving our community more time to create and be entertained on TikTok,” a spokesperson from TikTok said in a statement. “Today, we’re excited to start rolling out the ability to upload videos that are up to 10 minutes, which we hope would unleash even more creative possibilities for our creators around the world.”

The expanded video length will give creators more time and flexibility when filming things like cooking demos, beauty tutorials, educational content, comedic sketches and more. Prior to the new video length, creators had worked around TikTok limitations by encouraging viewers to follow them for part 2 or more of their video series. Although this works sometimes, it can be frustrating for users to have to scroll through a creator’s feed to find the right video in a series.

Today’s announcement makes TikTok even more of a competitor to YouTube, which pulled in $28.8 billion in ad revenue in 2021. YouTube, however, has been threatened enough about TikTok’s growth to launch its own short-form video rival directly in its own app, YouTube Shorts. However, hosting short videos isn’t TikTok’s only advantage, as it’s known for its combination of features, including its library of special effects, AR tools and music catalog. Other popular features include stitches and duets, which allow creators to collaborate with other users’ content.

YouTube wasn’t the only social app that’s taken notice of the TikTok threat, as Instagram launched its TikTok clone, Instagram Reels, in 2020. Since then, Instagram has rolled out several Reels features that are similar to those on TikTok, such as its duett – like Remix feature. It also expanded Reels to Facebook.Snapchat, too, launched a TikTok-like video feature, as has Pinterest.

But as TikTok chases YouTube’s ad dollars, YouTube is focusing on TV ad dollars. The Google-owned video platform recently announced it will host its annual Brandcast advertiser show during the week of the TV Upfronts in May, instead of the digital NewFronts. (Though it will remain a sponsor for the latter.)

TikTok says the option to film longer videos on the app will roll out to global users over the weeks ahead. Users will be notified when they receive the update. They’ll also need to ensure that they’re using the latest version of TikTok before trying out the feature.

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