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Will Smith made $2 million for the first Bad Boys Film


Bad Boys: Ride or Die, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, has pushed the famous action-comedy franchise to new heights. Smith’s star power in the fourth installment helped the franchise surpass the $1 billion global box office mark, with the current film grossing $125.6 million globally.

Million-dollar box office hits are nothing new for Will Smith. The standalone movie Aladdin brought in over $1.05 billion globally in 2019. But this is the second Will Smith series to top $1 billion at the box office worldwide.

Will Smith, partnered with Martin Lawrence, gloriously rejoined to the film business following the Oscar Slap Gate episode that nearly made him an outcast in the business. Even after Will Smith was disqualified from the Oscars and made fun of by comedians, his supporters flocked to the movies, demonstrating that he could still draw large audiences.

The success is a welcome departure from Smith’s 2022 action release “Emancipation,” where his role as a runaway slave in the American Civil War failed to resonate with audiences and flopped at the box office.

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