Football legend Samuel Eto’o seeks presidency for Cameroon Football Federation

Football legend Samuel Eto'o seeks presidency for Cameroon Football Federation

Samuel Eto’o-Cameroonian Footballer

Four-time African player of the year, Samuel Eto’o Fils has declared his interest in the presidency of the Cameroon Football Federation, Fecafoot. Eto’o, who is the former captain of the Cameroon national team, the indomitable Lions, says his decision to seek elective post as president of Fecafoot, is driven by his “love for Cameroon and passion” for the sport in his home country.

In his bid for the post, Eto’o has promised to revive and give prominence to what he says is ailing domestic championship, and rekindle the winning spirit within national football teams, especially the women’s national team.

“It is time to rebuild our football. We can no longer delay the revamping of our number one sport,” Eto’o said in a statement.

The former striker who has played in some of the world’s leading football clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, Inter Milan in Italy and Chelsea in England, has also committed “not to pocket a cent of the monthly allowances” provided for the FA boss, but to use the money for the development of amateur soccer as well as maximizing on his influence to draw external funding.

 “I am running for this position in order to attract external funding and not reduce the already meagre revenues with unnecessary burdens,” he said.

An election of a new president and other executive members of the Cameroon FA is expected next month after the Court of Arbitration of Sports (Cas) in January, annulled the 2018 election that brought Seidou Mbombo Njoya to the helm of the national football house. The Lausanne-based sport tribunal had heard complaints from some amateur clubs in Cameroon, that the electoral process was flawed, and as a result the executive was asked to stay as interim and organize new elections.

Eto’o, who is believed to be the interim president, Mbombo Njoya’s godfather, has also admitted he supported the team as it seemed “promising for the future” of football in Cameroon. He said he does not regret his decision, though the Mbombo Njoya-led team did not meet expectations.

“It is important to learn from this setback in order to bring about a controlled and well managed change…” Eto’o said.

Jules Onana-Former Footballer

Another former footballer, Jules Denis Onana, who was instrumental in Cameroon’s national team that played in the quarter-finals of 1990 World Cup, has also declared his intentions for the FA lead job.

Eto’o, a retired soccer player, is considered one of the greatest African footballers of all time. He has participated in four World Cups, and won the Gold Medal with Cameroon’s National Football team, the Indomitable Lions at the 2000 Olympics.

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