Miguna Miguna finally returns to Kenya

Miguna, who was deported from Kenya during former President Kenyatta's rule, finally returned to Kenya on Thursday 20th October

Kenyan-born Canadian lawyer and self-declared National Resistance Movement General, Miguna Miguna, gestures as he speaks to journalists at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on March 26, 2018, in Nairobi. – Miguna Miguna has been denied entry into the country after he refused to apply for a visa that grants him legal stay in Kenya. (Photo by SIMON MAINA / AFP)

Lawyer Miguna Miguna, who was deported from Kenya during former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s rule, finally returned to Kenya on Thursday 20th October.

Miguna, who had highly anticipated his return to his motherland, was greeted with cheers at Nairobi’s JKIA International Airport as his family and residents in his native Kisumu province eagerly awaited him.

In 2018, Miguna Miguna was deported to Canada as the government imposed a restriction on impunity over the fact that he retained his citizenship, sparking a wide range of political sentiments.

During his media address at the airport, he expressed gratitude to President William Samoei Ruto for lifting the red alerts against him and to the Kenyans who stood by him and the constitution during his tribulations.

“I am very very very grateful for the warm welcome that you have given me, and I am extremely happy to be back home,” Miguna said.

“I would like to extend my gratitude to the Judiciary that stood firm with the rule of law. I must extend my gratitude to Kenyans who voted overwhelmingly for the Kenya Kwanza government because that is central for me. Without this administration I would not be back home,” he added.

The past few weeks have seen Miguna publish statements on Twitter that translate to indicate his political initiatives especially in Nyanza regional politics besides nationalism while being recalled that he served as an adviser to the Resolution Alliance leader Raila Odinga and even participated in the inauguration of Raila Odinga as people’s president in January 2018 before relations between the two became strained.

Political analyst Arnold Osano said Miguna’s arrival could spark differing political positions among residents of Nyanza, Odinga’s homeland.

“What awaits is his political action,” Osano said.

For Miguna’s family members, led by his brother Erick Ondiek Miguna, he says, it is a great pleasure for their brother to be accepted back to the country, stressing that, despite the plight against him, they have decided to forget and cherish the future while Kisumu residents have various statements about the arrival of Miguna, whom many have recognised as their son.

“Everyone has enjoyed it because a lot has happened without him in his absence, he said, he would like to share a reminder of the tragedies that have happened,” Ondiek said.

After landing at the airport, Miguna headed straight to Uhuru Park where Mashujaa Day celebrations were presided over by President William Ruto.

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